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Milk Tea Series

Shih Chen keeps providing the best quality and selections of milk tea for our customers. We insist on tea producing process to be additives and artificial flavors free to make sure you have the most delightful tea experience anytime anywhere. We selected UVA black tea of Sri Lanka which is considered as one of the three best tea planting areas in the world. It is easy to have different kinds of milk tea texture by the special tea bag design while having our milk tea, just simply adjust the amount of water based on your personal preference. We are sure that we have fulfilled the slogan of “A Magic Touch” with our distinctive flavors.

Direction for warm milk tea:

*     Pour 180c.c. boiling water into a cup, leave the tea bag for 3 minutes to have milky and sweet flavor / for 5 minutes to have less sweet but strong tea flavor.

*    If the taste is too sweet, leave the tea bag longer in the cup.

Direction for cold milk tea:

*    Pour hot water into 1/3 of the container then leave the tea bag in it; Steeping the tea for 5~10 minutes then add some ice cubes to serve the drink. Or you can

*    Pour 200 c.c. of hot water into the container then leave the tea bag for 3~5 minutes; cool the container down then leave it in the refrigerator to serve the drink.

*    A tea bag can be re-steeped twice or more, you can add some sugar or cream to regain the first steep flavor.


3点1刻突破技术困难,独家采用原片茶叶,以台湾乌龙茶搭配世界三大名茶之一斯里兰卡的乌巴红茶,创造出世界唯一可回冲的茶包式奶茶。 不加人工香精,坚持以繁复的烘焙过程创造出独特茶韵, 奶茶会因浸泡时间长短而呈现不同风味,可依照个人喜好调整,享受四度空间的立体口感。

The secret recipe of the world famous Earl Grey black tea was from China. Since it was introduced to England by a British envoy, Earl Grey, the tea was named after him. Earl Grey black tea is blended with fresh bergamot and black tea. 
It is fresh with charming bergamot aroma and rich milky flavor.
 伯爵茶(Earl Grey tea)本是一种以红茶为基茶加入佛手柑油的调味茶,气息芬芳淡雅。






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